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Representing Avon is unique, because Avon is unique!
Avon Representatives are from all walks of life, from all corners of the world.
They had different reasons for becoming Representatives, but with one clear goal:
to find personal empowerment and amazing earning potential. You can be your own boss!
and make your own schedule - with Avon, The Company for Women, you can have it all!
Make the rules, enjoy the profits!
Whether you're entering the workforce, returning after the kids are grown, grown, or just want to be your own boss, becoming an Avon Independent Sales Representative offers unlimited opportunities. Even if you've never sold a product before, you can do it - with Avon. As the world's leader in anti-aging skincare, fragrances and color cosmetics, we make it easy for you to sell and succeed, right away. Easy to sell because it's Avon! Unlike selling any other product - Avon stands above the rest and has for more than 120 years. Avon's product portfolio includes some of the most recognizable beauty brands in the world, including Avon Color, Anew, Skin-So-Soft, Avon Solutions, Advance Techniques and Avon Wellness. Avon continues to set new standards of product innovation and sales success with these global brands that reinforce Avon's beauty leadership, technology and customer loyalty.
Choose to work as little as 20 hours a week - and you'll probably earn more than from a "regular" part-time job. Or jumpstart your income by becoming a Leadership Representative: share the Avon opportunity with others and profit from their success.
Work at home, experience the Avon advantage and sign up today!How To Place Your Order
First Step: Register online at using your District number, account number, and the last four digits of your social security number.

Second Step: Online Training - complete these three sessions first:
1) Launching Your Business
2) Getting Started
3) Online Ordering

Remember to print off your 24 Certificates of Completion as you complete each course. Bring them to your district sales manager at the next Sales Meeting or New Representative Pizza Party to claim your free full-size product!

Third Step: Placing Your Order
1) Check your RPS calendar for correct date
2) Enter individual Customer orders into Order Cart (refer back to your Online Ordering" training session for help)
3) Order brochures (ordered in packs of 10) and your demos from the current What's New
4) When you have entered all your Customer orders and all the business tools you need, you must then "SUBMIT" your current online order to Avon

Fourth Step: When your order arrives:
1) Check all received items against your Avon invoice that was included in one (if you received multiple boxes) of your shipping cartons
2) Note any missing or damaged items for processing through e-Z Returns (online training available)
3) Bag individual Customer orders including their invoice, new brochure and any samples
4) Call Customers to arrange delivery and collect your money. Never leave products without collecting the money owed for them.
5) When you have collected from your Customers then pay Avon.


YOU FORGOT TO SEND YOUR PAYMENT: Payments must be sent on time, every time. Set yourself up on Quick Pay and never worry again about sending a payment. You can call Fast Talk and pay by credit card. *AVON WILL NOT ACCEPT A CHECK FROM YOUR CUSTOMERS - ALL CHECKS MUST BE MADE OUT TO YOU, THEN YOU MAKE ONE PAYMENT TO AVON*

YOUR CUSTOMER DOESN'T WANT THE ORDER: First, try selling the products to other Customers (even at a discount). You will retain your earnings and your sales. If credit is necessary, complete an e-Z return.

YOU DIDN'T RECEIVE YOUR ORDER ON THE SCHEDULED DELIVERY DAY: The regular delivery company guarantees nothing but delivery on the scheduled day. This means that they have until 11:59pm to get your order to you. If you do not recieve your order, call Customer Service and ask if there was a discrpancy with your delivery. If your order comes by UPS, you can call Avon Customer Service and they will give you the UPS tracking numbers. Be sure Avon has your correct e-mail address - the tracking information on all orders is online each campaign.

YOU FORGOT TO ORDER ITEMS OR GET ADDITIONAL ORDERS AFTER YOUR ORDER WENT IN: You can back order with the next campaign and still receive the sale price. If completing your order on-line, you can back order 2 campaigns. Or you can call in an add on order through fast talk or on-line ship off schedule but there is an extra shipping fee - depending on the size of the order, it may be worth it for you to pay the fee. In some cases, customers may be willing to pay the extra fee themselves in order to get their order quickly.

YOU MEET SOMEONE THAT WANTS TO SELL AVON: Take their name, phone number, and address and call the office with the information. If you wish to go into leadership, you will need to go with me to sign the person up. 5 RECRUITS IN 4 CAMPAIGNS = $120 + $250 + $100 = $470 BONUS!!

YOU ARE GOING ON VACATION OR HAVE A FAMILY EMERGENCY AND WILL NOT HAVE AN ORDER: Call your Leadership up-line or District Manager and advise us of the situation. We will help get your account up to date and help you to order your supplies.

YOU WANT TO EARN MORE MONEY WITH YOUR AVON BUSINESS BUT DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO: I want you to be a successful as you want to be!! You can do all of the following: -Attend all meetings - take advantage of the Beauty Advisor Program - Start your Leadership business - Call groups about fundraisers - Develop helpers - Ask for help from your Leadership Upline - Schedule an appointment for a personal business meeting with your District Sales Manager.

Tips to Finding New Customers

- Host an Avon Grand Opening Party or additional themed parties throughout the year. Offer incentives for customers from the party to host a party at their house.

- Ask customers for referrals: family members, friends, neighbors, church or club members. All are potential customers for you.

- Contact local real estate agents, welcome wagaon type associations, and newspapers to find out who just moved into your area.

- Take brochures with you everywhere you go: playground, supermarket, doctor's office, dry cleaners, ect. You never know when or where you will see a new customer.

- Advertise your products by wearing fragrance, make-up, jewelry, and accessories.

- Put signs in your car window to let everyone who sees you know you can offer Avon service to them.

- Do a territory or neighborhood around you by putting out brochures and making follow up calls.

- Distribute brochures at club meetings you attend, attach a sample for added interest.

- Check out local nursing homes for potential customers - residents are not able to get out and shop, but still like to purchase low cost gifts for the holidays.

- Re-canvass your entire customer list for former customers who haven't purchased lately.

- Hold an Avon Open House for your current customers to show off the Christmas product line and ask each customer to bring a friend. Have a special drawing or special gift for everyone that brings a guest.

- Advertise your Avon business on bulletin boards found in grocery stores or laundromats.

- Ask working customers to take your brochures to their workplace and take orders and offer a discount or free gift as a thank you for their help.

- Work with clubs, daycare centers, churches, schools, sports groups for fundraisers. This is a great way to help the community and develop new customers.

New Representative Training

Important Information for New Representatives

New Representative FAQs
When I order demos online, the customer's retail price appears. What will I be charged?
The price listed in the What's New will be the price you are charged on your invoice. Your award sales and level of recognition affect your demo prices. You must have $50 in award sales to receive the demo prices. If you are in PC or higher (levels of sales achievement), you will get an additional rebate on some items.

How do I order brochures?
You will order your brochures on the last page of your online ordering. This page will ask if you want the order shipped immediately or with the next order. If you request for the order to be shipped immediately, you may be charged a shipping fee. If you are ordering on time, choose to ship with the next order. When you order your brochures, you are ordering books for two campaigns ahead. For example, if you are placing an order for campaign 20, you will be ordering books for Campaign 22. Brochures are ordered in packs of 10. If you want 10 books, enter 1. If you want 50 books, enter 5. If you happen to order way too many books (this happens to all of us), call customer service for a credit on your account. Typically they will tell you to contact your District Manager who will take them off your hands. Coming home to 10 boxes of 60 brochures each is not funny, when all you needed was 60 brochures.

Can I get a brochure for a future campaign?
Add item number 030-347 to your order and you will begin to receive a brochure for three campaigns ahead of the current campaign. The cost is 25 cents each. You only need to enter this number 1 time. It will automatically ship every campaign after that. This helps in planning any promotions you want to do for your customers. You also have a heads up on the new items.

My order is here. What do I do now?
Count the number of packages you received. When you get your e-connect notice that your order has shipped, Avon will let you know how many packages shipped with this order. Each box that is sealed with the y ellow straps count as one (1) package. If 2 or more boxes are tied together with the yellow straps, this counts as one (1) package. Next l ocate the box with your invoice. On the right side of your shipping label will be a box with the words "Invoice Enclosed". Open this box first and remove your invoice. Compare your invoice against the actual product received. If there are any discrepancies, call Avon. Do not wait too long to let Avon know of any missing product. Once you have verified that all your order shipped, you can begin filling customer orders.

How do I return product to Avon?
For the easiest method, see the "E-Z Returns" section below. OR... You can call Avon and speak to a specialist to return this product or you may do it as a return/credit when you place your campaign order. Keep the product until you receive a return authorization from Avon. This will usually come with your next order. Make a copy of this page to place in the box of return products and keep a copy (with the tracking number) with your records. If you get a notice from Avon that you have not returned the products, you will have a record of the product sent back, the date it went back and a tracking number. Have all of this when you call Avon to dispute the charge. If you need help, call your upline or District Sales Manager.

What is the difference between an Online Representative and an eRepresentative?
Online Representative refers to any Representative who has Internet access and is registered at An eRepresentative is an Online Representative who has also invested in an Avon provided web page. eRepresentatives manage both their business and sell online via their personal web pages. The cost of the Avon provided web pages is $7.50 per campaign.

What are the benefits of becoming an eRep?
eRepresentatives, using professionally designed online templates, create a personalized Avon web page for their Customers to visit and place online orders 24 hours, 7 days a week. In addition, eRepresentative's have online features to manage their Customer list and helper groups. Avon will help eRepresentatives connect with new Customers and link up with stranded ones.

How does an representative sign up to become an eRep? Simply go to After logging on, click "become an eRepresentative" at the top of the screen and follow the enrollment instructions.

How To Make Money With Avon

1. Keep your Avon money and personal money separate. Open up a checking account for Avon, only.

2. Watch your personal purchases. If you purchase something for yourself, bill yourself and write a check to cover the cost and deposit it in your Avon account.

3. Don't do heavy discounts. Avon does wonderful sales and even without sales, the products are very reasonably priced. A small free gift (lip balm, small hand cream, trial size shampoos, etc.) is a better idea if you want to offer something to your customers. It increases your award sales and introduces your customer to a new product that they may like and begin to order.

4. Pay your Avon bill on time. As long as you maintain good credit with Avon, your orders will arrive on time, and your customers will be happy.

5. Write up a breakdown of how your Avon profit will be handled. Example: 15% for business supplies, (you may want to do more in the beginning to get your customer base built up), 10% in Rep savings plan, 25% for long term goals, 50% for short term goals.

6. Be careful with inventory. It's a good idea to have some items on hand (Bug Guard, Skin So Soft, deodorants, etc.) that your customers may need in a hurry, but keeping too much stock will eat into your immediate profit. If you can afford to hold inventory over a period of time until you sell it, fine, but if not, keep a limited amount of stock.

7. Consider Leadership. Avon's Leadership opportunity is the best money making program available. Recruit other people to sell Avon, and eventually you will make a profit on their sales. It takes a lot of hard work, but the financial return is tremendous. Avon's Leadership program has already made more than one millionaire.

What are e-Z Returns?
e-Z Returns puts you in control of the returns process. With e-Z Returns, you submit your credit requests to Avon, generate an address label for your return package and ship your package to Avon by your choice of carrier. e-Z Returns also gives you e-mail updates on your package, both in transit and when it is processed in the Springdale Return Goods Center.

What are the advatages of using e-Z returns versus using a purchase order for returns?
With e-Z returns you can process credits immediately in the campaign and update your account at any time. You can create and print the return shipment paperwork, select the shipping method that fits your needs, print a shipping label and monitor and track your return shipment. Most importantly, your returns will be processed quickly, and accurately.

Who can use e-Z Returns?
All Representatives in good credit standing (not on "No Instant Credit") can use e-Z Returns.

What does it cost to use e-Z returns?
The e-Z Returns service is free to Avon Representatives. You only pay for the shipping and it is billed to your account.

How do I access e-Z returns?
Log on to, and choose any of the following four methods to link to e-Z returns:

1) Click on "Account Process e-Z returns"
2) Click on the "Replacement/Credits"
3) Choose e-Z returns from the site map
4) Choose e-Z returns while placing an order
You have three ways to select items from your purchase history for credit:

1) product description
2) product number
3) the campaign in which you received the item.

e-Z returns will send you two emails: One when the transportation vendor scans the return package, and another when the package has been processed in the Springdale Return Goods Center. No need to worry a nymore... You will always know where your return shipment is and you will receive confirmation when its been processed.

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